Here is the plan for the day.  I could probably do without the processed jerky but it is a quick way to get some protein. 


Out to walk and.maybe do week 2 day 2 of c25k. 


What am I doing?

I turned fifty this July.  I have struggled with my weight on and off all of my life.  I was a fat baby, a husky kid, and an obese man. Obesity wrecked my health, didn’t help my mental health any, contributed to my poor relationship skills, and diffused through my life like a stink bomb in a high school hallway.  I would like to say that I finally of my own free will and accord decided to do something to turn everything around.  It wasn’t quite that way.

What brought me to the altar, was an infection that I couldn’t shake this spring.  This is the second time that happened.  I wasn’t surprised, just annoyed,  and realized that this was going to just keep happening if I didn’t act with some common sense.  Once again I was in the mid three hundreds, blood pressure out of control, blood sugar levels somewhere at the height that the Concorde flew, and I felt like warmed over merde everyday.  I wasn’t eating food, food was eating me.  Waking up in the morning was dreadful because morning signaled the eating to begin.  You have seen the Feast of San Fermin photos of the running of the bulls.  Food for me was a herd of ravenous zombie bulls chasing me through my day.  I ate like a man possessed.

By the end of April I had had enough.  I needed to change.  I was tired of running from those zombie bulls.  I changed reluctantly though, at first.  I began tracking my food in Loseit, an android application that I have used in the past.  Then I bought a fitbit.  Now I am using Get Running, a C25K android program.  I walk or joggle in the morning before work.  Right now my daily targets are 15k steps a day and 60 active minutes on fitbit.  I’ve lost about 20#s per month in four months.  I feel a lot better.  I am eating better and more often than not avoiding being chased by demonic flesh eating bulls.

Where I am, though, is at a point in asking myself what am I doing?  I feel like I should be “training” for something.  I think the thing that will help keep me on track for the rest of my life is helping other people lose weight and get healthy and fit.  Do I train to be a trainer?  I feel that I need to articulate some sort of goal or vision for what I am trying to do.