No Apology

Mehreen Kasana

On my way to class, I take the Q train to Manhattan and sit down next to an old white man who recoils a noticeable bit. I assume it’s because I smell odd to him, which doesn’t make sense because I took a shower in the morning. Maybe I’m sitting too liberally the way men do on public transit with their legs a mile apart, I think to myself. That also doesn’t apply since I have my legs crossed. After a few seconds of inspecting any potential offence caused, I realize that it has nothing to do with an imaginary odor or physical space but with the keffiyeh around my neck that my friend gifted me (the Palestinian scarf – an apparently controversial piece of cloth). It is an increasingly cold October in NYC. Sam Harris may not have told you but we Muslims need our homeostasis at a healthy…

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Halloween Thoughts

I am staying in a hotel in lovely Chattanooga while working in one of the units here in the city.  The hotel is ok, the city is clean and seems less crime ridden, and coked up than M-town.  The people I am working with are nice, polite, and well mannered.  Merita is in Dallas, but if I were in Memphis, Merita would still be in Dallas.  So why am I so freaking out of sorts and unable to maintain my equilibrium?  I went to Starbucks and by the skin of my teeth managed not to buy several cookies.  I bought a cappuchino and sat in the car to drink it. 

I am out of sorts.  My routines are all thrown off and I am living life like some sort of alcoholic barely keeping it together as I trod from work to the hotel and back again.  I got a membership to the Y to go work out but I don’t want to work out.  I want this time in Chattanooga to over with and to be in Dallas.  I want to be settled and I can’t seem to do that here.  January is supposed to be the time I leave Chattanooga.  I want to leave tomorrow. 

Lonely.  That is what this is.  Loneliness.  There is nothing else for it.  It is a head thing.  How do I deal with this?  That is what I used food for.  I would have ordered an extra large pizza with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and extra cheese, a two liter of Pepsi to wash it down and locked myself in the room and binged my way into sleepiness.  So not going to do that. So not going to do that. 


Reign’s Rape Problem

The Belle Jar

TW for rape

When I first heard about the CW show Reign, I knew that it was going to be my next guilty pleasure. A young Mary Stuart and her ladies-in-waiting living with Catherine de’Medici in Renaissance France? Yes please. Court intrigue and awkward teenage romance? Yes please. Weird pagans in the woods and flower crowns and a murderous queen and a (very anachronistically hot and young) Nostradamus? DOUBLE YES PLEASE. PASS THE FLOWER CROWNS, SON, I’M IN.

I talked my friend into watching it with me, and by the end of the first episode we were both hooked. We would make a ritual out of it – order a pizza, get a bottle of wine, and then sit down to make fun of plot holes and not-very-historically-accurate clothing and overblown teenage FEELINGS for an hour. But as much as we giggled over the poor life choices of the characters, and as…

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Foods That Will Kill Your Metabolism

I’ve been eating a crap ton of peanut butter since coming to Chattanooga. My fruit intake which was 1 to 2 apples daily has gone up as well. I have been unsettled mentally emotionally and physically the last 2 weeks and that has disrupted my exercise routine too. No wonder i plateued.

Well i have joined the YMCA for the rest of my time here. I have been wanting to start a regular weight lifting regimen for a while now but i have been letting my fear of change get in the way of that. The Y opens at 5 am monday through Thursday. I need to start going to sleep at night and getting up at a decent hour. I think if i work out from 7:30-8:30 in the morning i should be able to fit weights and running into that time frame. Maybe 7-830 if i need more run time.

The hotel has pretty crappy internet service so streaming Leslie has been crappy which to be honest with you I havent felt like doing any way.

The two week funk is over. I am back in black. Project action hero is going into effect.


I have atrue storyof anoverweightfamily memberstartedafitnessregimefor 30 days andfailedto loseevenone pound ofweight.He looked attheir food intakecloselyfor 30days straight, exercisedfive daysa weekat the YMCAandis activeinswimming,runningand weightlifting.After 30 days ofcompletefrustration,ameeting was scheduledwith a nutritionistfor help.

Thenutritionisttold herthat her bodydid not burncarbohydratesand suggesteda diet lowin carbohydrates, which includeprotein-rich foods.Hewas limited to just50grams of carbsand 1900calories per day.In justa few weeksof following thediet suggested bythenutritionist, who had lost12 pounds.This is an excellentexampleof howour metabolismplays a vitalrole inour body’s abilityto burn fatwhile dieting.


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